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Our Work

Sonoma Valley Stables, Inc.

(Top, left photo) This client requested an audio system for the outdoor horse arena so that the instructor would not have to shout to the riding student. It had to be loud enough for the student without disturbing the neighbors or spooking the horses. It was an intricate systems design with no room for errors. We found speakers with the correct dispersion characteristics so that the sound could be contained in the arena. We designed a system using six Atlas speakers on 20 foot metal poles strategically-positioned around the tracks, three 700 watt amplifiers and a wireless microphone system for the instructors. With our proper calibration, it is

working perfectly.

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Kentfield Project

(Top, center photo) On this project, the house in Kentfield was being remodeled which made the wiring easier to do. It required music throughout the house: the patio, around the pool and the gazebo, three home theaters, wall-mounted TV in the guest room and ceiling-mounted TV in the gazebo. Two teenage sons had to be able to play their music in their bedrooms while the parents enjoyed different

music in another part of the house. We accomplished this with a programmable Sonos system for the multi-room music with Truaudio Ghost in-ceiling speakers throughout the house, rock speakers around the pool and a Sonos S5 for the gazebo. For the playroom theater, we selected a Panasonic 65 inch plasma, Canton center speaker, Tuaudio in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, Velodyne subwoofer,

(Kentfield Project continued)

Denon AV receiver, Blu-ray DVD player and a universal remote control. For the master bedroom and the family room theater we used Samsung 55 inch LED LCDs. It was a challenging multi-component project with difficult programming requirements. Having handled specialized projects such as this before, we were able to complete the task in a timely manner.

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

(Top, right photo) This was a challenging project since we had to work on a hall

with collapsible dividers. Divided, the hall becomes three smaller rooms for smaller conferences or classes. Without the dividers, it becomes one big room for board meetings and other large-capacity functions. So the multiple displays had to have the ability to work independently from different sources, or at other times simultaneously from one source (all showing the same information) when used as one big room. We accomplished all this by using a 60 inch Pioneer plasma on one end, and a motorized drop down screen for the overhead projector at the other end of the room. Additionally, we installed two 32 inch LCDs with built-in DVD players in between them for the so called middle room. It was a complicated switching system to design and make work flawlessly. It needed a clear set of instructions despite the varied applications. We made it seemingly simple, and it is currently in flawless operation at

the hospital.

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