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The enjoyment and appreciation of any new entertainment system is primarily based on the quality of the selected components. Our over 25 years of experience and electronics engineering expertise has given us the confidence to trust and use brands that include Denon, Marrantz, Yamaha, Velodyne, URC, RTI, Middle Atlantic Products, Infocus, Panamax, Niles, KEF, Straight Wire, Canton, Sharp, Rockustic, Panasonic, Truaudio, Peerless, Parasound, Tivo, Epson, Channel Plus, Chief, Jamo, Klipsch, Nuvo, Samsung, Sanus, and Sonos. This is in addition to the industry leaders that you may know and prefer. We fully understand the complexity of mixing and matching multi-brand components, so you can concentrate on the enjoyment and relaxed appreciation of the wonders of modern technology. We also use industry-tested and preferred cabling, wiring, and connectors in all our installations.


  1. 1.Custom design, component procurement, and installation of personal home theaters.

  2. 2.Custom design and installation of multi-room audio and video systems for both personal, or business and industrial applications. This includes outdoor communications and public address systems for sports, conference, or social arenas.

  3. 3.New construction pre-wiring of homes and offices for both indoor and outdoor audio and video applications.

  4. 4.Custom design and installation in specialty educational and vocational learning and training centers at hospitals, universities, and community schools.

Equipment is covered by manufacturer warranties and Meltronics guarantees its installations for a year. We will spend the necessary time to go over the detailed information and walk you through the proper operation of the system until you are satisfied. Afterward, should you need assistance in any way or encounter any problems, just call us and we will be happy to help.

For a free onsite consultation

and estimate contact us at

mcavestany@att.net or call

(707) 762-3006

1 Year Warranty

on all Installations.

Mel has been a real asset to Jarvis Winery and to the Jarvis residence over the last two years. He provides prompt overall solutions for our complex audio & video systems and is cost effective with excellent warranty follow up.

William Jarvis

President, Jarvis Winery